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If you are on a search for the highest quality affordable cabinets Boulder can offer you then look no further! Cabinets Boulder is your local cabinet designer bringing you bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets Boulder residents have loved for years. Sign up today for your free consultation and meet with one of our fantastic employees.

Cabinets Boulder

Welcome to Cabinets Boulder! We are your local Boulder customer cabinets company. Our mission is to bring you high-quality locally made Boulder cabinets while also providing a wide range of services at one convenient location.

Cabinets Boulder understands how the initial search for the best Boulder cabinet company can feel a little overwhelming if you have never purchased cabinets before. Whether you have questions or are not sure which custom cabinets company is the best of all the cabinet companies in Boulder.

You may initially have questions such as who designs cabinets near me, who makes the best kitchen cabinets near me, what are the cost of kitchen cabinets, or who builds the best custom cabinets near me?

Luckily for you, you have Cabinets Boulder near you! We have helped customers design and build custom cabinets in Boulder for years and we cannot wait to help you as well.

Give us a call today and ask about our free consultation service. We can answer any questions you may have regarding custom kitchen cabinets and help you plan for the best cabinet installation Boulder can offer.

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About Cabinets Boulder

Cabinets Boulder has been serving the local Boulder area with high-quality products and materials for years. Our custom cabinets have brought that special touch everyone has needed to their bathroom or kitchen.

We offer our free consultation to our customers for many different reasons. We want to first give our customers the chance to get to know us and the type of products we make without the risk of losing money.

We also offer our consultation as a way to help you plan! During your consultation, you will have the chance to sit with one of our employees and ask any questions you may have or are concerned about. It also gives you the chance to come up with plans for your project!

If you are stuck or confused about the direction you want to go with your project we will be right there to help. Our employees can offer suggestions for types of wood, colors, knobs, handles, styles, and so much more!

Whatever the cabinet service, our team is happy to make it happen for you! Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and amazing cabinet refacing Boulder residents love we will make your project look amazing.

Why Choose Us?

We feel our employees are absolutely the best at what they do for many reasons. We either hire them with the exact experience we are looking for or make sure that we are training in the way we want to see them perform.

Our company has a standard that we expect all employees to follow at all times. We feel that if these standards fall then our customers are the ones who suffer for it. Whether by a poor customer service experience with us or with a poor product in the end.

This standard is followed by three core values that we instilled into our company since we began. These values are:

  • Responsibility
  • Dedication
  • Quality

Our employees are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times. This can be an action as simple as showing up to meetings and scheduled appointments on time. Which is particularly important when meeting with a customer. We expect our employees to take responsibility for their own actions and mistakes. If a mistake is made, we expect that employees will own up to it so we can correct that error as quickly as possible.

Next, we expect an absolute dedication to our job. We expect a dedication to our customers by meeting commitments and deadlines, dedication to customer service, and dedication to whichever job is currently being worked on. This could be a dedication to the cabinets as they are being built. Making sure every little detail is correct and looks perfect for our customers.

Finally, we expect quality. Quality in every aspect is something a customer can recognize at any stage of the project with any employee they are working with at the time. This can be quality customer service. Being spoken to in a respectful tone and manner. This can of course apply to the quality of our cabinets and installation when the project is complete.

Our team is ready to serve our customers and put their needs first. Whether it is kitchen cabinets or providing quality yet cheap cabinets in Boulder.

Come visit us in person and see for yourself what has made customers love our services for years.

What to Expect

Your first step is to come in person or call to schedule your free consultation. We will meet with you at our facility to discuss everything about your project.

We will first want to know about your project. Are you looking to install a bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Do you need cabinets removed? Are you looking into cabinet refacing?

Next, we will discuss your budget. How much are you looking to spend on your cabinets? Depending on variables such as the material you choose is your budget flexible?

We will then take you out to the floor and show you different samples of cabinets and materials. Looking over several items that will help you decide on a design for custom cabinets. Items such as type of wood, knobs, handles, molding, and more.

We will then plan a time to come to the job site and take measurements so we can begin to build the cabinets. If this is a new construction site then we will let you know exactly when we will want to take measurements and when we will want to come to install them.

The final stage will of course be removing cabinets if requested. Then finally installing your new cabinets for you to enjoy!


Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to Kitchen cabinets in Boulder no other company has quite the passion we do! We love helping our customers design locally made Boulder kitchen cabinets at an affordable rate whenever possible. Whatever design or style you need we can make it happen for you. Whether you need grey kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, or modern kitchen cabinets. So give us a call today and begin your project with the right company for the best kitchen cabinets Boulder CO can offer.

Bathroom Cabinets

You may have a bathroom that desperately needs their cabinets replaced. Or perhaps you don’t have cabinets in your bathroom at all and are looking to have some installed. Whatever wood cabinets you need for your designs or colors, such as white cabinets we will make you the best bathroom cabinets Boulder has for you.

Custom Cabinets

Some customers hear the word “custom,” and automatically think way out of their price range. This is not always the case! We like to think of custom cabinets as personalized cabinets. When you design your own Boulder cabinets you will really just be choosing what matches your style and needs.

Discount Cabinets

When it comes to saving our customers money we are definitely on board. We can offer deals on cabinets Boulder CO residents love to take advantage of. Ranging from kitchen cabinets to a pantry cabinet. So if saving money is for you give us a call and ask about the best discount cabinets Boulder can offer you.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is another great way to save on your cabinets if you want the feel of new cabinets installed but don’t quite have the money for them yet. Cabinets Boulder will come to remove the faces of your old doors and drawers and refinish the outer edges of your old cabinet boxes. Then we will replace the faces again and just like that you are enjoying the feel of new cabinets. The best cabinet refacing service in Boulder is waiting for you!

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to outdoor kitchen cabinets in Boulder, we are no strangers here! Your outdoor kitchen cabinets need to be able to stand up to harsh weather conditions whether sun or rain! When you call for your free consultation be sure to ask us about special materials for your very own outdoor kitchen cabinets!

About Boulder CO

Boulder is a city in northern Colorado that sits near the Rocky Mountains. If you go downtown you can take a walk through the Pearl Street Mall which includes art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. At the University of Colorado Boulder campus, you can find the Fiske Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History. This museum displays zoology and anthropology exhibits.

The current unemployment rate is 2.3% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 8.8% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Longmont
  • Louisville
  • Lyons
  • Nederland
  • Eldorado Springs
  • Niwot
  • Allenspark
  • Jamestown
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to remove my old cabinets for me?

Yes, we can absolutely remove your old cabinets for you. If you plan on us removing them, please mention this during your consultation please let us know then. There will be an additional fee for removing them so we do want to make sure we are quoting you correctly.

Is there a certain type of wood I should plan on choosing?

Not necessarily. There are different types of wood to choose from and each one will be different depending on your preferences and needs. Some types of wood will be much more costly than others. While other types have different tones and look to it.

Is there a charge for coming to my house?

No there is not! In fact, coming to your house to take measurements of either your bathroom or kitchen is part of the free consultation process!

Customer Testimonials

I am building a brand new house and decided to hire Cabinets Boulder because my friend recommended them. They absolutely did not disappoint! The cabinets came out exactly how I planned and the job they did for the installation was flawless. Thank you so much the color of the wood looks perfect in my kitchen just as you had recommended.

Joshua B.

My wife and I were remodeling our master bathroom and decided we wanted to have cabinets installed. We went to Cabinets Boulder and they truly did a fantastic job on the project. The cabinets they installed were exactly what we had in mind and fit perfectly. We are glad we did this because now we have much more storage space in our bathroom.

Izak T.

My kitchen cabinets were outdated and just made my kitchen feel much worse than it was. Cabinets Boulder came to my house and removed the old cabinets for me and their installation job looked amazing. I had shown them pictures of my kitchen and told them I could not decide on a color or design that would match the new look I was going for as I slowly remodeled it. They knew just what to do and helped me with a couple of different ideas. These guys definitely know what they are doing. I highly recommend them!

Madi R.

Contact Us Today!

No matter your problem or need with your cabinets we are sure we can help you solve it. Cabinets Boulder is committed to bringing quality products into your home that you can enjoy for years to come!

Your first step is to come in person or give us a call today! We will schedule you for your free consultation that will start you on the first steps to completing your project you will love when finished.

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